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Fertility. Sacred Womb. Inner Child

SHAKTI Mandala Circle. Fertility. Sacred Womb and Inner Child.

  • Rebozo Swaddling, Closing the Bones – Restoring the Soul
  • Yoga Nidra & Sound Bath
  • Ceremony for Maha Lakshmi, Goddess of Nature and Abundance, for Isis, Goddess of Motherhood, magic and fertility, and Parvati, Goddess of devotion, motherhood and marriage

To embrace feminine power to create life we will be gathering together for Shakti Circle, combining several sacred practices for rejuvenation, self-healing, and new beginnings.

Women embodying their True Nature will transform the way we live and our community. Women who are connected to their Wisdom, balanced in their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine are able to educate and empower others about their spiritual work, body, nature, and ability to Create.

We created Shakti Circle for Women to reconnect to inner power, reclaim fragments of self, and create new beginnings from place of integrity and wholeness.

Topic of this Shakti Circle is dedicated to sacredness of the Womb and meeting Inner Child, and fertility.

Without loving ourselves and understanding and accepting the holiness of our body and soul, we can’t create and fulfil our dreams fully. To open our heart we will be sharing ceremony for the Goddesses Lakshmi, Isis and Parvati, chanting mantras together, and continue our journey within through deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath with Crystal and Himalayan bowls, reconnecting to our Inner Child.

During our meditation, a ritual will be performed “Closing the bones – restoring the soul” using the Rebozo technique. It is an ancient tradition in which long scarves were used to swing and swaddle a woman after childbirth. As practice has shown, these techniques are favourable for a woman at all periods of her life, and can also be used for children and men. The swaddling technique gives a sense of comfort and safety at cellular level. During this ceremony we invoke and restore all parts of our soul. Also, being in a cocoon, we experience rebirth, renewal, revival of our wings, connection with our center, and the willingness to open up, create, and fulfil our dreams.

With your permission, we will work with everyone individually. Tension will dissolve through gentle massage techniques with hands and vibrations of singing bowls placed on belly and heart, which will allow to release emotional and physical tensions for the energy to flow more freely, rejuvenating

By creating comfort for our body and soul, we will remember ourselves in the moment of infancy. We will meet our Inner Child, and each will go to that period of his childhood, where she most of all needed love and support. We will give our Inner Child strength, kindness, adoration, admiration, and love. From this innocence you will evaluate your vision and dreams, and start to create new beginnings and the future

Fertility is capacity of woman to co-create with nature. We create from place of peace, love, gratitude, and wholeness. We created this adventure, journey into ourselves for you to reconnect with your essence and start new cycle in your life.

After the ceremony we will have Women Circle with sacred tea and sharing.

Women Circle will be held on Friday, Sept 18, 6.30-9pm, at Lhamo Yoga & Sound Studio (London, N22 8DH, Bounds Green station / Piccadily line)

Cost of participation: £25. Please, book by PayPal below or contact us for bank transfer details

Your Guides on this journey

Olga Ladeiscikova

Dedicated to women’s health, harmonizing their emotional state and improving the quality of life through sacred massage practices. Areas of expertise include Holistic massage, Sculptural face lifting massage, Healing the womb and fertility massage, and Sound energy medicine healing.

“I use my knowledge and intuition to feel every women coming on my path, offering unique treatment and healing. I believe in power of massage therapy – it feels fabulous for a reason – it’s physiologically and psychologically potent.

Certified in Holistic massage level 4, AP&P (MTI)

Lola Lhamo is the founder of Sound Energy Medicine Practitioners Association
(SEMPA) and Shakti Mandala.

Lola has connection with yoga, sound and energy healing from childhood. She was blessed to study with Indian yogis and Tibetan lamas, and after 25 years of practice she created LHAMO Yoga & Sound Energy Medicine educational programme, integrating Himalayan Hatha & Kriya Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Sound Journeys, Taoist Qigong & Yin Yoga, Tao Cosmic Healing and Buddhism Mind Yoga, and QUANTA Energy Healing.

Lola founded Sound Energy Medicine Practitioners Association in 2013, believing the sound to be the medicine of the future. She teachers Sound Energy Medicine courses.

Lola also founded Shakti Mandala project, supporting Women in their transformation, also creating White Tara Foundation to finance education for women after trauma, who need new start.