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“Woman is the basis of the world, the Universe is her form”
~ Shaktisangama Tantra (II.52)

Meditate on radiance of the self.. and great cosmic wisdom within inner light.. Destroy all impure with the energy of subtle fire.. You have extraordinary power to create, you are a woman, woman warrior (inspired by Bhairavi Goddess) ~ Lola Lhamo

Shakti Mandala is Women Light circle dedicated to divine feminine. 
We share practices empowering Shakti (Inner Power) through Yoga, Meditation, QiGong & Taoist practices, Dance, Energy and Sound Healing, as well as hold Women Leadership workshops and educational programmes in sacred places around the world. See Events below…

We also empower Women through charitable initiative White Tara Foundation, providing scholarship for women after trauma to participate at Shakti Mandala programmes, individual coaching, or to receive education to start new career as certified Sound Therapist.

Upcoming Events

Shakti, Power Within

10 Feminine Cosmic Powers

5 weeks programme of transformation: recorded online + weekly Women circles at Lhamo Yoga & Sound Studio, London, Woods Green

Online course will be dedicated to Women Spiritual Wisdom and 10 Goddesses of Wisdom (Dasha Maha Vidyas), discovering foundations of Tantra, Mantra and Yantra meditations for daily practice, lead by Acharya Ram Vakkalanka.

Group Shakti circle will be lead by Lola Lhamo and will be focused on embracing inner power, Shakti, from within.

More details by this link: Shakti – Power within


Shakti Mandala. Woman-Warrior Bhairavi + Sound Healing course. With Lola Lhamo

Discover your inner strength as Woman Warrior for Truth and Love. Ancient practices of creating inner mandala (sacred space) through Yoga, Meditation, Shakti Mandala Dance, QiGong, Sound and Energy Healing with Lola Lhamo at stunning Gaunts House (Wimborne, UK). You will also learn foundations of energy medicine on basis of Mind Yoga and understand how to naturally enhance your own healing capacity. During retreat you can attend Sound Energy Medicine course and learn how to use Himalayan Singing Bowls and Voice for healing ourselves and others. On completion you will receive certification as a sound therapist by Sound Energy Medicine Practitioners Association. More details by this link..


Lola Lhamo shares QUANTA’Alchemy ~ integrated practices of Hatha, Kriya, Yin yoga, Prana meditation, QUANTA energy healing, QiGong and Yoga of Sound (Nada, Bhakti) (Yoga Alliance RYT500h). She is the founder of Sound Energy Medicine Practitioners Association. Lola has deep connections with Tibetan Buddhism and helped in building Buddhist Enlightenment Stupa at Roerich Museum, traveled to India and Nepal to places of powers with lamas. She learned Mind Yoga from Tibetan lamas and Indian yogis, as well as received knowledge on healing with sound – Nada Yoga. Lola is creator of Shakti Mandala Universe – sacred Light circle of empowering practices for Women.

Lola has MBA in Management and has been working for 15 years in international consultancy, coaching individuals and groups, bringing yogic mindset into corporate world and transforming corporate culture through conscious leadership.

For more information and booking, please, contact Lola Lhamo by lolalhamo @ gmail . com or +44 7757 09 3532 (WhatsApp)