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White Tara Foundation

White Tara Foundation supports women in difficult times after emotional or physical abuse in family or work. We are community of women, offering guidance in women circles, through spiritual practices of Dance, Singing, Arts, Yoga, Qigong, and Sound Healing. Together we help each other on this journey towards discovering inner Goddess and power within (Shakti)

Why did we choose the name White Tara for our Foundation?

The meaning of Tara is “She Who Saves“. White Tara, also called “the Mother of all Buddhas” is the perfect embodiment of graceful power, wisdom, and purity. As with Tara expressions in the other five colors, the vibrations of white color express the specific energy of White Tara. Pure, truthful, powerful, transcending all limitations – these are just some of the attributes of color white that describe the energy of White Tara.

Sometimes the White Tara is called “the Goddess of Seven Eyes” because, in addition to the third eye, she is also depicted with eyes in her hands and feet. This represents White Tara seeing all human suffering, as well as encourages the devotee to develop vigilance and sensitivity to the energy in and around them.

There are different facets to Tara’s energy as evoked by her being represented in a specific color. For example, Red Tara helps one activate the energy to attain goals, Blue Tara helps transmute anger, and Green Tara heals from fear and helps remove obstacles. Yellow Tara can be asked for help with wealth or material possessions, and Black Tara’s domain is power (inner or outer).

However, just as white is considered to be the supreme color in many mystic traditions (white contains within itself all colors), so is White Tara considered the most powerful of all Taras because it embodies them all.
Another association with the powers of White Tara is the energy of health and longevity. She can grant a long life if one is devoted to the pursuit of truth and universal compassion.

Usually people pray to White Tara especially for health, healing and longevity. She offers healing to our wounds, whether it is our bodies or our minds that have been hurt.

Tara is closely related to Chenrezig (Avalokitesvara), the Bodhisattva of Compassion. One story of her origin says that she was born from Chenrezig’s compassionate tears.People also think of her as the female manifestation of Chenrezig, or his consort.
These are the principles of our Foundations – compassion and support, providing space for spiritual practices for overcoming difficult times amd transforming ourselves towards wisdom and purity, and awakening graceful power of Shakti from within.

What do we do as Foundation?

If you know Women after trauma which needs support, please, contact Lola Lhamo.

Very often women who come to me for energy and sound healing, as well as to sound therapy courses, are women after trauma. As much as I can I support, however I realized that more awareness and more dedicated long-term work is needed, especially in supporting women to let go and transform energy of this experience, and start new life, to realize divine power within and embrace the change. This is how White Tara Foundation has started.

We are holding Shakti Mandala programme for Women transformation and support with workshops and women circles. Your kind donations to White Tara will go towards Fund for Scholarship for free healing, coaching, and education provided to Women after traumatic experience.


Depending on situation and woman needs, from the donations raised we will provide Scholarship for:

  • Free education in Sound Healing to start new career and become independent financially (£250 cost financed);
  • Free participation in Shakti Mandala programme: women circles, where essential practices for spiritual transformation as Yoga and Meditation, QiGong, sound healing, mindfulness, and coaching to transform life.
  • Free personal and career coaching (min 4 sessions financed).

Thank you from heart for your kind donations. The more we raise, more women we may support.

If you do have programme that you want to offer to Women after trauma – please, contact me.

Om Shanthi ~

Lola Lhamo

lolalhamo @ gmail . com