QUANTA Energetics & Healing

Lola Lhamo merges Spirituality and Science, integrating ancient practices of Himalayan & Daoist Yoga, Qi Gong & Internal Alchemy, Energy & Sound Healing, Dao Cosmic Healing & Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Spiritual Coaching & NeuroScience with Bio-Resonance Technology, offering unique QUANTA Energetics for empowering Creators of New Earth and facilitating conscious change in community

QUANTA Energetics

Unique Programme of Transformation for Creators of New Earth

Himalayan Yoga

Hatha, Kriya, Vinyasa for inner power and peace

Daoist Longevity Practices

Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Inner Alchemy, Dao Cosmic Healing, Chinese Medicine

Sound Healing

Sound Energy Medicine Practitioners Association courses since 2013

Meditation & Breathwork

Yogic and Daoist methods

Energy Healing

Reiki, Dao Cosmic Healing, Chinese Medicine integrated to QUANTA Energetics

Spiritual Coaching

One-on-One & group work

For individuals and corporates

Courses, Retreats, Events

Educational Programmes and events around the world & online


“Integrating science and sacred Yogic and Daoist practices is unique capacity of Lola Lhamo in delivering transformational programmes. Neuroscience merges with Mindfulness, Quantum Physics – with Bhagavad-Gita & Neidan, science behind frequency healing with sound bath experience, personal growth coaching with accessing Akasha, universal source and understanding the nature of enlightenment. I admire Lola’s unique ability to integrate knowledge of fundamental disciplines and deliver those through easy applicable to life insights & practices, as well as her gentle inspiring role as a guide to connect and explore the joy of life. Truly life-changing experience.”

Jonathan, Entrepreneur

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