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4 Days Tuscany by the Sea. Yoga & Sound Energy Healing with Lola Lhamo

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4 Days Tuscany by the Sea. Yoga & Sound Energy Healing with Lola Lhamo

Unique transformational retreat, combining Yoga, Meditation & Sound Healing, Neuroscience and Energy Medicine. You will enjoy peace and tranquility of traditional Tuscan villa located right on the beach, with beautiful garden, pool and incredible sea views, love the walks on sandy beach, adore stunning sunrise and sunset, and delicious food with local chef.

Wonderful experience for those searching to deeply relax and let go old energy, transform their understanding and perception on what is true reality, connect to immense energy around and the power of NOW through ancient yogic practices and latest scientific revelations in the area of Neuroscience, discover healing capacity within, rejuvenate body and mind through practice, connect to Akasha (universal library) and find true soul purpose for creating life full of joy, happiness and realised dreams, and act with sincerity and wholeness to ourselves and the world.

We prepared two options for participation depending on your interests and desires:

Option 1. Just Retreat: enjoy Yoga, Meditation, Sound and Energy Healing sessions mornings and evenings with free time during the day

Option 2. Retreat & Course: you can choose to combine pleasure and self-development at the course of Sound Energy Medicine, Sound Healing with Himalayan Singing Bowls during day time (10-18h each day), Level 2, dedicated to Sacred Geometry and Harmonics, Science behind Sound & Vibrational healing, the power of voice and overtone chanting. On completion of 16h course you will be certified as a Sound Therapist Level 2 by VibroAcoustic Therapy Association, ready to work as a healer for family, friends and clients, integrating sound healing to yoga, meditation classes, massage therapy, Reiki and other energy healing modalities.

“I just spent 2 days studying sound healing with singing bowls in Lola’s workshop. It was an incredible, mind-blowing experience to say the least. I learnt so much in those 2 days, Lola has so much knowledge and experience, but moreover she has the most beautiful energy, she’s so down to earth and delivers the course exceptionally well. I would highly recommend this course / study with Lola to anyone interested in developing their healing techniques; and raising their vibration. I have been literally walking on air since I finished the workshop and can’t wait to put what I’ve learnt into practice :)” Hester J.


PROGRAMME of Retreat

Our yoga journey will start with understanding your individual needs, your life-style and the ways to transform your life to achieve what you search for, how to bring or enhance yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice in your every day living.

Lola will develop yoga and energy healing programme designed specially for you on basis of ancient system of Himalayan Yoga and Energy Healing and also share latest Neuroscience studies transforming the mind.

You will have time to connect to your true calling in life and design your creative Plan for achieving your dreams,  activating transformational process, this Plan of Actions you will carry to life after the Retreat, fulfilling your aspirations.


What to expect: integration of many Himalayan Yoga sciences:

~ Kriya Yoga – ancient Vedic knowledge passed through generations, science of breath and movement, focused on recharging the body with oxygen, slowing down the ageing process, rejuvenating the brain and spinal centres and transforming mind and body.

~ Active and Dynamic Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga for waking up body and spirit and revitalising the balance, the power and the beauty in the movement. Hatha is more Yang practice engaging muscles and keeping the postures for some time, while Vinyasa is more Yin dance, allowing free flow of creative energy within.

~ Restorative Yin Yoga for greater alignment of body and mind, releasing the tension and achieving the harmony with oneself. This yoga practice is based on knowledge of Chinese medicine – each posture targets specific meridians in the body, stimulating healthy energy flow through organs and body systems, bringing deep relaxation and balance.

Prana Meditation for enlightening discovery of one’s nature, its elements and acquiring the balance and fullness, connecting to the Universal source of energy, Prana

Pranayama – yogic breath with deep and complex detoxifying and healing effect, balancing the brain activity

~ Yoga Nidra and Sound Energy Healing with Himalayan Singing Bowls & Gong

Qi Gong – slow movements helping to connect with energy movements within ourselves and around us.

~ Accessing Akasha – universal library, which contains knowledge of past, presence and future, containing infinite opportunities. In state of deep meditation we will be accessing Akasha, asking our questions and receiving answers, which will help to rediscover soul purpose, connect to true self and realise our dream.

~ Neuropsychology – you will have some work to do during the Retreat, working on old patterns of thinking and behaviour which you would like to release, understanding true yourself, your aspirations and designing your future, preparing Creative Plan. This is also part of QUANTA Bio Energy Healing programme. There will be daily lectures and practical sessions on the ways to transform your life through understanding of science behind the brain work & the power of your mind, as taught by neuroscientists, and at the same time wonderfully corresponding to the sacred yogic texts of 2000 years old.

You will learn ancient sacred energy practices which are easy to integrate to your life, to heal yourself and others..
Lola will be also sharing the science behind healing with the sound of your own voice and Himalayan Singing Bowls, how to activate immense energy healing potential within, how to transform your vibration and consciousness and transform your life..

“Merging science and sacred yogic sources is unique capacity of Lola Lhamo in delivering transformational messages. Quantum physics merges with Tibetan Yoga & Mindfulness, neuroscience – with Bhagavad-Gita & mind yoga, science behind sound and vibrational healing with sound bath experience with antique Tibetan singing bowls, personal growth exercises with accessing Akasha, universal source and understanding the nature of enlightenment. I admire Lola’s unique ability to integrate knowledge of fundamental disciplines and deliver those through easy applicable to life insights, as well as her gentle inspiring role as a guide to connect and explore the joy of life. Truly transformational experience.” Jonathan V.

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Also for your joy:

~ Individual Yoga, Sound Healing or QUANTA Bio energy healing sessions with Lola Lhamo (by request)

~ Unforgettable walks in Tuscan countryside by Etruscan heritage site

~ Enjoying the sea – villa is located right on the beach, pool with infinite sea views is also here 🙂

You will be staying at gem of Tuscany – Argentario, at beautiful historic Tuscan Villa right on the beach (triple, double and single rooms are available). See more details below.

Each day you will be enjoying delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked by local chef.

You will also have free time to explore Tuscan countryside with its stunning beauty and, of course, swim in the sea or pool and enjoy amazing sunrise and sunset over the sea!



FRIDAY, May 24. Warm welcome. Soul Mandala.

12-17h: Arrival, settling at Villa, free time for walks and swims

17-18h: Welcome meeting, introductions

18-20h: Yoga, Meditation & Sound Bath: Himalayan Hatha, Vinyasa & Kriya Yoga, Prana Meditation, Yoga Nidra & Sound Bath with Himalayan Singing Bowls. Focus on: releasing old energies, letting go and preparing for new beginning. Creating Soul Mandala for heart connection and healing

20-21h: Dinner, cooked by Italian chef

SATURDAY, May 25. Discovering Infinite Energy Universe within ourselves and beyond, connecting to the Source.

7.30-8h: Sunrise Meditation (optional)

8-9h: Rejuvenating Dynamic Himalayan Hatha, Vinyasa & Kriya Yoga, Pranayama. Focus on: activating dormant energy within, connecting with inner Shiva/Shakti, YinYang, Sun/Moon, Earth/Skies, for powerful energy boost. Light breakfast/juice

9-10h: Breakfast

10-11.45: Energy Universe and Energy Healing: round circle & discussion
Ancient scripts, quantum physics, neuroscience, fields theory about “All is Energy”, energy universe and energy healing.. How to open up and develop capacity for energy healing, for yourself and other people. How to heal yourself with intention: yogic scripts and neuroscience perspectives. How to always stay full of energy. Supreme Yogic practices with Light, Gratitude and Seeing World as Energy.

11.45-12.45: Energy Healing: practice
Simple Qi Gong, Prana Meditation, Tibetan Yoga techniques to connect to endless source of energy within and all around you, to be able to charge at any moment, increasing strength, health and healing capacity

12.45-13.45: Lunch and free time

13.45 – 18.00: Optional: Course Sound Energy Medicine, Sound Healing with Himalayan Singing Bowls. Sacred Geometry. Advanced Techniques of healing with Vibration and Sound. Harmonics: the healing power, the science behind harmonics. Harmonics in Shamanism & Tantra. Harmonics for Meditation & Healing. Tibetan Chanting practice, purifying energy centres. Overtone chanting. Theory.

18-19.30h: Restoring Yin Yoga, Prana Meditation, Yoga Nidra & Sound Bath with Himalayan Singing Bowls.  Focus on connection to the Universal Source, traveling beyond the body towards Akasha (universal library) and enquiring about soul purpose.

19.30-20.30h: Dinner

20.30: Free time, conversation, preparing your Creative Plan of Actions for your dreams achievement.

SUNDAY, May 26. Deeper dive into Human Universe. Working on Energy Centres. How to manage Energy flow within the body. 

7.30-8h: Sunrise Meditation (optional)

8-9h: Rejuvenating Dynamic Himalayan Hatha, Vinyasa & Kriya Yoga, Pranayama. Focus on activation of Energy Centres (Chakras), developing capacity to direct energy within the body. Connecting to 5 Elements.

9-10h: Breakfast

10-12.45: Chakras, Energy Centres, theory and practice. Chakras in various traditions: Yoga, Tibetans, Chinese medicine and science. What are chakras? How to balance your energy centres. Vibrational medicine: healing with vibration of your voice and other music instruments, including Himalayan Singing Bowls. Simple yet powerful techniques for wellbeing. Understanding 5 Elements creating the Universe.

12.45-13.45: Lunch and free time

13.45-18.00: Optional: Course Sound Energy Medicine. Advanced Techniques of healing with Vibration and Sound. Harmonics: the healing power, the science behind harmonics. Harmonics in Shamanism & Tantra. Harmonics for Meditation & Healing. Tibetan Chanting practice, purifying energy centres. Overtone chanting. Theory. Practice

18-19.30h: Restorative Yin, Prana Meditation, Yoga Nidra & Sound Bath with Himalayan Singing Bowls. Connecting all energy centres. Purification in Crystals Healing chamber. Accessing Akasha for insight and blessings.

19.30-20.30: Dinner

20.30: Sunset meditation, free time, conversation, working on Creative Plan of Actions.

MONDAY, May 27. New Energy for Transformation. Trust to ourselves and the Universe.

7.30-8h: Sunrise Meditation (optional)

8-9h: Rejuvenating Dynamic Himalayan Hatha, Vinyasa & Kriya Yoga, Pranayama. Focus on new energy flow, trust to ourselves, which will keep strong heart connection to the Source and support in soul purpose and dreams realisation.

9-10h: Breakfast

10h: Check-out, Q&A, own practice or free time



Old traditional Tuscan Villa is 500 square meters and is surrounded by a magnificent park with green fields that
extend to the sea. You will have direct access to sandy beach. Above the beach is a panoramic swimming pool looking over the bay and Monte Argentario. There are paths to walk along the sea and in Tuscan countryside. Etruscan sites are within walk.

There are 6 traditionally decorated rooms, some of which have sea views, and some garden views.

Yoga practice will take place in the garden with sea views or in an indoor room (if raining).

Large salon of 200 mq has comfy sofas, billiard table and a big fireplace (for the winter months).

Kitchen-dining looks into flower conservatory and the sea, and we will also have sunset dinners in outdoor patio.

Villa is just 150 km from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport, 175km from Florence airport, 95km from Siena, 180km from Pisa.


COSTS, including room and full board, morning and evening yoga classes and philosophy sessions:

*If you would like to participate at Sound Energy Medicine, Sound Therapy Course – there’s additional £100 fee, which includes all study materials and certificate (you can be insured as a Sound Therapist on completion)

Choose the room:

Prana triple ensuite

PRANA room with en-suite, garden view:

45 sq.m, can be arranged as king, double or triple room

King room for one person: 1125 Euro

For 2 persons (king+sgl beds or one king bed): 1380 Euro or 690 Euro pp

For 3 persons (king bed + sgl bed): 1560 Euro or 520 Euro pp

Mudra triple ensuite

MUDRA room with en-suite, garden view (BOOKED):

45 sq.m, can be arranged as king, double or triple room

King room for one person: 1125 Euro

For 2 persons (king+sgl beds or one king bed): 1380 Euro or 690 Euro pp

For 3 persons (king bed + sgl bed): 1560 Euro or 520 Euro pp

Siddhi triple ensuite

SIDDHI room with en-suite, garden view:

45 sq.m, can be arranged as king or double room

King room for one person: 1125 Euro

For 2 persons (king+sgl beds or one king bed): 1380 Euro or 690 Euro pp

Tattva twin dbl sea view

TATTAVA room with private bath nearby, sea view 

Can be arranged as twin or double room

Room for one person: 1150 Euro

For 2 persons (king+sgl beds or one king bed): 1400 Euro or 700 Euro pp

Ananda single sea view

SHAKTI sgl room, shared bath with ANANDA room, sea view (BOOKED)

For one person: 800 Euro

Shakti single sea view

ANANDA sgl room, shared bath with SHAKTI room, sea view 

For one person: 800 Euro

Additional costs and services on request:

Return flight to Rome, Florence, Siena, Pisa: from €60 from any European city depending on season

You can take a train to Orbetello train station which is 2o min drive from Villa

Pick-up taxi cost from Orbetello: 30 Euro per person (you can connect and share with few people)

Shuttle from airport Rome Fiumicino, Pisa or Florence: 250 Euro (can be shared with up to 7 persons)

Car rent: quite affordable, available at any airport

Individual healing session with Lola (Sound Healing or Akasha reading): £60 (€70)

Workshop Vegan/Vegetarian Cooking with local chef: 60 Euro per person (by request)

Boat trips along the Uccellina coast, naturalistic excursions in the Maremma Park and visits to the antique Roman and Etruscan villages and Terme are available upon request: from 40 Euro per person (min number of participants is required, by request)

2 bikes: free 🙂

It’s possible to extend your Retreat and stay in Rome for few days, where Lola has Yoga Art studio and happy to organise group or individual Yoga & Healing sessions for you. Please, request for additional information.



Lola Lhamo is the Founder of the Himalayan Yoga & Sound network, Vibroacoustic Therapy Association (international courses on Sound Therapy), QUANTA Bio Energy healing, SOUND ENERGY MEDICINE, and a dedicated teacher of the Himalayan Hatha & Kriya Yoga, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga, Prana Meditation & Pranayama, Reiki & QiGong, integrated to her YOGA & SOUND ENERGY HEALING Programme.
The yoga and energy healing she shares is focused on bringing the experience of wholeness ~
Lola gives individual one-to-one sessions around the world, has yoga studios in London & Rome.

Lola’s teachers are: Sri Aurobindo, Tibetan lamas, Yogi Ashokananda, Dharma Mittra, Matthew Cohen.

Feel free to contact Lola with any questions about the retreat and the practice, and for booking:

yoga@lolalhamo.com or +447757093532

Om Shanthi ~

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About Talamone, Argentario

Talamone is a delightful coastal village lying on a small promontory overlooking the gulf at Argentario and behind is the Maremma Nature Park. These days it has become a well known resort with a well equipped port for tourism, and the bay is ideal for all kinds of sailing: the colours of the wind-surfers, kite surfers and sailing boats are an integral part of seascape. Villa is in the village of Fonteblanda immersed in nature and looks right onto the gulf with the same name.

The villa is surrounded by large, beautiful grounds, very well looked-after with flowers, hedges, grass and tall trees on terraces gradually descending towards the sea, and on the final terrace is a prefabricated swimming-pool, served by a wooden platform. Next to the swimming-pool a gate leads to the beach. In the garden near to the entrances to the living-room and the kitchen are two large verandas covered by climbing plants which enjoy the cool air coming from the sea.

You will be enjoying full board cooked by Italian chef, however, if you choose to go for adventures – there’s excellent cuisine in local restaurants and there are many places that you can visit during the retreat. In a short drive there are towns with incredible heritage: Florence, Siena, Pisa, Arezzo, Rome, we also recommend Saturnia Terme for healing thermal baths.

mountain-bike-argentarioboats on blue and gree sea, Italy in Argentario embayment, ItaliTalamonetelamonio

florence  PisaSiena terme-libere-toscanahelado-coliseoitaly2