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Below is the description of QUANTA Bio Energy Healing course, combined with Sound Energy Medicine, which Lola offers regularly around the world.

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2 full days educational course with certification by Sound Energy Medicine Practitioners Association & QUANTA Bio Energy Centre.

Develop your healing skills or start new journey in becoming an energy healer in this unique course, combining the study of energy medicine and sound & vibrational medicine, merged together for obtaining holistic vision on body, mind and energy work. As a result you will encompass personal transformation and will increase the capacity to heal yourself and others.

QUANTA Bio Energy healing is based on concept of wave genetics and quantum physics, seeing human being as energy, part of the Universe energy pyramid. By purifying human energy centres and opening the energy channel connecting to the Universe, we are able to receive the energy with new qualities, clean old information stored in our DNA and experience rejuvenation.

After years of practical implementation and several educational courses in Europe, we are now happy to share it with you.

Our aim is to teach Energy Medicine to as many people as possible, as the more healers we have on Earth, the bigger there is a chance for the planet to heal and move to new energy paradigm.

SOUND Energy Medicine is an integral part of QUANTA Bio Energy Medicine, it has its roots in ancient Energy Medicine techniques of the Himalayas – healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls, bells, and mantras.

Powerful ancient science of healing with the sound and vibration has long and incredible story. For many centuries the monks, the doctors, the shamans and common people of Japan, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Tibet have been using the bowls for healing the body and the soul, for meditation and sacred rituals. They believed in special powers of the bowls, which were the medium between themselves and cosmic consciousness, some practices were secret and were shared only between the monks and the shamans.

The sound and vibration are powerful energy medicine.

Sound Energy Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls has healing impact on many levels:

~ Physical body: deep vibration releases the tension of muscles, massages the organs, rewires the brain, the stress and anxiety disappear. It has been confirmed that resonance can shutter leukemia and cancer cells (see research of Dr Holland)

~ Energy body: combined vibration and sound release emotional tension and blocks, purify subtle energy channels and the energy field blueprint, rejuvenate the DNA structure (your information hardware).

~ Cosmic Holographic Blueprint: by opening your energy channel with sound and vibration you can experience spiritual awakening, union with universal consciousness and can heal yourself with new pure energy through your open energy channel, also triggering personal transformation.
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On this course you will discover:

QUANTA Bio Energy Medicine:

–       Energy Structure of human, in perspective of traditional Western medicine and Eastern Approach: lympha-, endocrine, nervous, immune systems, blood, brain, heart, other organs; Chakras, energy channels and energy field, subtle bodies.

–       QUANTA Bio Energy Medicine practical techniques for self-healing and healing others.

Sound Energy Medicine:

–       Science on vibrational and sound medicine.

–       The impact of Sound Energy Medicine on body and mind.

–       The history of Tibetan singing bowls and their role in the Himalayas.

–       The techniques of self-healing and healing other people with the bowls: Sound Energy Massage and Sound Energy Bath for balancing chakras and elements.

Sound Energy healing is unique therapy which stayed hidden for many centuries, it was kept sacred in Buddhist tradition of healing and enlightenment.

Food for thought: in Buddhism Maitreya, the Buddha of the future, can be translated from Sanskrit as Harmonic Resonance…

 The science started to research the impact of vibration and sound on human in XIX century, Einstein, Tesla all believed in incredible power of vibration and resonance, later few scientists were able to shut cancer and leukaemia cells in human body with the resonance.

Himalayan Singing Bowls are becoming more and more popular in recent years with Tibetan lamas travelling the world, and yogis incorporating the bowls into group meditations.

This course will cover several powerful energy, sound and vibration healing techniques:

~ QUANTA Bio Energy healing

~ Sound Energy Massage with the bowls – when the bowl is placed on the body of the patient so vibration and sound could have deep impact on physical body, causing purification of physical and energy bodies.

~ Sound Energy Bath: Balancing Chakras Massage with the bowls when the bowls are placed both on the body of the person and around him/her. You will learn how to determine which parts of the body and energy centres (chakras) have blockages and arrange the bowls in specific sequence.

~ Sound Energy Bath: Balancing Elements Massage with the bowls, the same principle as for balancing chakras massage however here we will study different elements (fire, earth, air, water, ether) and learn to arrange the bowls accordingly.

The course will be lead by Lola Lhamo, founder of Yoga & Sound Energy Medicine and Sound Energy Medicine Practitioners Association, QUANTA Energy healing, yoga teacher and energy healer.

17903672_662450783940285_6911752674825991531_nLola Lhamo has deep connections with Tibetan Buddhism, yoga and Qi Gong from childhood. She helped in building Buddhist Peace Stupa at Roerich Museum, travelled to India and Nepal to places of powers with Tibetan lamas, participated at Congress on Psychology and Spirituality in India. Lola has learned the techniques of working with energy, sound and vibration from Tibetan lamas and Indian yogis.

The Programme of the course:




  • Man as a flower and energy tree.
  • The human energy structure in the perspective of traditional Western medicine and the eastern approach: lymphatic, endocrine, nervous, immune systems, blood, brain, heart, other organs;
  • Chakras – energy centers, energy channels and energy field, energy bodies.
  • Man in the Universe Energy Structure.

13-14: Lunch

14-17: QUANTA Energy Healing. QUANTA Ethics

  • Methods of human development, connection to the Universal channel, and balancing each person individually through the study of himself as a particle from the universe,
  • Methods of energy-treatment.
  • Energy ethics – during treatment and during interaction with the energies of the Universe.

17-18: Practice


SOUND Energy Medicine. Sound Energy Massage (Sound Energy Massage) with Tibetan singing bowls

10-11: The history of the bowls. The science of vibration, sound, frequency and resonance

11-12: Sound Energy Medicine: the effect of bowls on the physical and energetic bodies, opening the channel, connecting to healing energy.

12-13: How to choose a bowl for yourself. Simple methods of working with the bowl (kick, slide, turn the bowl, move the bowl, without interrupting sound and vibration)

13-14: Lunch

14-16: Sound Energy Massage technique with Tibetan singing bowl, indications and contraindications to therapy, cases from practice.

16-18: Practice on each other

The course can be extended by 1 full day to include more techniques of healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls (for example, Balancing Chakras & 5 Elements techniques with 7 and 4 bowls)


Lola Lhamo: +44 7757093532



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lola.lhamo.yoga

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lolalhamo/

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