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Sound Energy Medicine

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SOUND ENERGY MEDICINE ~Sound Energy Massage – Healing with Himalayan Singing Bowls

Sound Energy Massage with Singing Bowls is powerful energy medicine, it has healing impact on many levels:

~ Physical body: deep vibration releases the tension of muscles, massages the organs, rewires the brain, the stress and anxiety disappear.. It has been confirmed that the cancer cells shutter after resonance therapy (See Dr. Holland research)..

~ Energy body: combined vibration and sound release emotional tension and blocks, purify subtle energy channels and the energy field blueprint, rejuvenate the DNA structure (your information hardware).

~ Cosmic Holographic Blueprint: by opening your energy channel with sound and vibration you can experience spiritual awakening, union with universal consciousness and can heal yourself with new pure energy through your open energy channel, also triggering personal transformation.

This unique therapy stayed hidden for many centuries, kept sacred in Buddhist tradition of healing and enlightenment..

In Buddhism Maitreya, the Buddha of the future, can be translated from Sanskrit as Harmonic Resonance..

Here is 1min video-recording of 1h Sound Energy Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls:

Few words from science about sound and vibrational medicine:

Sound Energy Medicine, Vibroacoustic Therapy (VA Therapy) is the science, the art and the practice of combining tactile vibrations with calming music with the aim of achieving beneficial results for health, i.e. pain reduction, muscles relaxation and mind calming.

Lola Lhamo founded Vibroacoustic Therapy Association to unite the masters of sound therapy and support scientific research on this topic. She agrees with the scientists and energy healers that the sound is the future medicine.

Already now it has been scientifically proven, that Sound Therapy is powerful medicine! The resonance frequencies can shutter cancer, leukaemia and other diseases’ cells. Please, see full Research here.

Physiologically, the relaxation response after the session with Singing Bowls initiates the following changes, which can be called Sound Energy Medicine, Vibroacoustic Therapy benefits, here are just few of them:

  • Releases physical and emotional tension
  • Decreases the pain, both physiological and psychological
  • Decreases anxiety and stress, fatigue and depression, nausea and headache
  • Decreases blood pressure and stimulates blood circulation
  • Slows heart rate
  • Slows respiration rate and normalises the breath
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Changes viscosity of phlegm in lungs
  • Skin surface massage and deep tissue massage
  • Deep massage of intestines (often resulting in improvement of constipation)
  • Analgesia
  • Reduces stress-hormone levels (Cortisol, Beta-endorphin and ACTH)
  • Improves quality of life
  • Improves reproduction function
  • Synchronises the brain which is deeply rejuvenating for body

Come and enjoy massage with the singing bowls in London and Rome, discover for yourself powerful sound energy medicine~

London: Lhamo Yoga & Sound Energy Medicine studio in St.John’s Wood (NW8)

Rome: Lhamo Yoga & Sound Art Studio near Pantheon (00186)

You can book your session below or contact Lola.

Feel free to request Gift Voucher for your friends / family.

You can choose one session (£70 or €70), treatment programme of 5 sessions (£300 or €350) or massage at your home (London, zones 1-3, £120, Rome 140Euro)

For booking, please, contact Lola Lhamo by yoga@lolalhamo.com or +447757093532 or +393519450666 to confirm day and time.


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Lola also offers workshops dedicated to HIMALAYAN ENERGY HEALING, which covers the Sound Energy Medicine. Previously event was held at Theosophical Society in London, Zem Yoga Studio in Rome and is regularly held in London & Rome studios.

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Take a look also at our Retreats, combining Neuroscience, Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing, held at beautiful Tuscany by the sea…

Please, contact Lola to book the session on yoga@lolalhamo.com

Mob: +44 7757093532

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