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Higher Self Activation Ceremony

Akashic Records + Sound Bath + Cacao/Tea Ceremony

Pranayama, Meditation, Sound Bath, and Akashic Records reading

Inviting all souls to share and connect to sacred space of Akashic Library and for Higher Self Activation and Awareness.

This is the workshop for those who inquires about their spiritual mission, working towards self-growth and self-realization in life, who has experienced Higher states of mind and would like to explore this more.

We will talk about multidimensional Universe, other beings, the Council of Light, inquire about your individual life path and spiritual journey, as well as about Earth and humanity as a whole. Please, do prepare your questions.

From cosmic perspective being born on planet Earth is blissful holiday for a soul to experience beauty of physical realm. It’s a journey of joy and space to manifest anything you would like to create. So why it’s not always paradise as it supposes to be? 🙂

What to expect?

~ We will start from Pranayama and Kriyas to detox the body from old energies.

~ We will then dive into Guided Meditation with Sound Bath with Singing Bowls to connect with higher frequencies within ourselves.

~ When ready we will have a circle to access Akashic Records Library, have conversation with High Frequency beings, ask our questions and receive answers.

We will also enjoy sacred tea or cacao during our conversation 🙂

We live in turbulent time which allows us to understand ourselves, our own consciousness and that of the planet Earth better than ever, through these challenges. Akashic Library keeps records of all possibilities and potentials in multiple dimensions of realities, and wisdom of all planes. It can be accessed to understand our own consciousness and resolve energetic knots and clouds from perspective of Higher Awareness (or Higher Self) and transform our own reality, impacting transformation of humanity as a whole.

By having an experience of Higher Awareness we discover who we really are, and what we are capable of as human being and a child of the universe. We also expand our perception in understanding of what Universe truly is. As a result of this experience we transform our lives from higher perspective and higher consciousness, by this helping other people to transform theirs.

During Akashic Records ceremony we will be either having blessed Cacao or Tea, used to connect to Higher Consciousness over the centuries by mystics and shamans. These are not hallucinogenic substances but gifts of nature with gentle and profound spirit of knowledge, bringing the awareness deeply within.

2h workshop will be held in beautiful Garden (weather permitted) or Garden Studio in private healing space Lhamo Yoga & Sound Studio @London Woods Green (N22 8DH).

Do bring your crystals to charge them with energy and connect with it at any moment in the future.

23 July 2020, 7-9pm

Contact Lola Lhamo with all questions: lolalhamo@gmail.com or 07757093532

Cost: £22. Please, book below: